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PRESIDENT: Dave Knutson

(he/him) Dave is a longtime triathlete who dipped his toe in the water for his first race in the mid 80s. He's competed in all distances, but now that he's in his early 50s he calls sprints his jam. His career in communications has spanned television news, politics, corporate America and the nonprofit sector. But the culinary world is his love and paella is his specialty. You'll see him working out in Alameda proudly wearing his OTC Kit.


(he/him) Cyrus (“Suh-ROOS”) is new to triathlon — and is set to do his first Olympic distance in 2022. He is always happy to nerd out anytime on cargo bikes, beer, Star Trek, and public records requests.

He tweets too much at @cfarivar.

SECRETARY: Chelsea Segal

(she.her) Chelsea is new to the world of triathlon. She got into the sport after watching her husband and dad do a few triathlons… plus she needed something to do instead of sitting on the couch as her hubs was doing 12-15 hours of training a week. Chelsea is originally from Miami, FL, likes to travel, play candy crush and frequents 7/11 because of their low-cost fountain diet coke… oh and is perpetually in search of the best deli sandwich and NY style pizza in the Bay Area. Anyways, she went from doing a bucket list 70.3 Indian Wells race (2021!) to deciding she actually enjoyed training and being a part of the triathlon community. So here she is, officially calling herself a triathlete!

TREASURER: Deepak Gupta

(he/him) Deepak Gupta is the Treasurer for the Oakland Triathlon Club. Deepak believes variety is the spice of life which is why he loves triathalons. Training in three sports he loves is as good as it gets. When he's not training, Deepak enjoys cooking for his family, camping, brewing coffee or touring local breweries in the east bay. He works early morning east coast hours and is usually up for a ride, run, or swim anytime after 2:00 pm during the week. Give him a shout if you're interested!


(he/him) Travers did his first triathlon in 2011 with his wife Rachel and was shocked to find that he was actually faster on that day (as marginal as it was). This was quite uncommon as he had become accustomed to losing to his wife (to say nothing of his 60 year old father) in running events and so naturally took a liking to triathlon. He has continued to race triathlons to this day and on the right course (e.g. short swim, long bike) he still has a chance to beat Rachel. In his day job he manages a team of scientists at Clorox R&D.


Jamie is a newer triathlete who got into the sport by deciding to finally check “do a mini triathlon” off of her bucketlist. She had no idea how quickly she’d get bitten by the tri bug :beetle: Her main training goal is to give out as many high-fives on the course as possible.


(he/him) Raised between India and the Netherlands, Varun was used to commuting on a bicycle, but tennis was his competitive passion. While he would not become a Tennis Pro, he became a Chemical Manufacturing Engineer. However; punishing night-shifts took its toll and as he pivoted into Supply Chain Management in 2019, Varun started Yoga, and got back on the saddle to relieve stress. He completed his first century ride for charity, from Carmel to Hearst Castle along the picturesque PCH. He then joined OTC to delve into the triathlon world, and now also as board member, Varun is eager to engage more with the local community through his passion for health and fitness!

WEB DIRECTOR: Jason Agbayani

(he/him) Jason got into triathlons in 2018, having previously known nothing about the sport. He is self described as a little bit "extra" so this perfect for him. He went from barely able to completing a spring to training for 70.3 North Carolina and IMAZ. He has lived in Northern California his entire life except for a year spent teaching in South Korea. While not training, he enjoys spreading the gospel of Peloton.


(she/her) Katie is an East Coast transplant living in Oakland. She has been a member of OTC since 2020, floating in and out of the sport of triathlon since 2007. Katie currently works as an American Sign Language Interpreter here in the Bay Area. In her free time she enjoys backpacking (especially National Parks), watercolors, sewing and the beach. Combine one or all of these with a local beer or an iced chai and you've just described the perfect day in Katie's book. Katie is currently training for an Alcatraz swim and plans to add on some OTC target races in 2021. She loves seeing familiar faces out on the courses and hopes to see your's soon.


(she/her) As people from Connecticut do, Cameron started her athletic journey in sailing taking it to the collegiate level in upstate New York. Immediately needing some sunshine after college, she moved out West and has found a love for everything the Bay Area has to offer outside. She turned the off-water sailing training into triathlon and has competed in three 70.3 as well as a solo bike tour from SF to San Diego. During the day, she works corporate strategy/HR. She's excited for to be the membership director to connect with everyone and help more people get into the sport!

FOUNDER: Chris Van Luen

(he/him) Chris is the Founder of the Oakland Triathlon Club. He is an avid racer and connoisseur of good cake.

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